LeTip Buxmont LeTip Business Networking Group About Buxmont LeTip: Building Strong Business Relationships Buxmont LeTip, a business networking group since in 1978. Exchange tips, stop competing, & forge connections. Join us for weekly lead & monthly commercials. Letip buxmont logo business networking group

About Buxmont LeTip

Buxmont LeTip

LeTip builds more than just strong business relationships.
Our business networking group cultivates friendships that last a lifetime.

Exchange Tips and Leads

The purpose of the chapter is to exchange business tips and leads between each other. Members receive and get business leads in order to develop their own businesses.

Stop Competing For Business

Each business category is represented by a single chapter member. There is only one member for each category.

Represent Your Own Category

Once you have joined the Letip of Buxmont Chapter, you will own your category, so you will not be competing with another business in that category.

Our History

LeTip started it all. In 1978, we created the first business leads networking group. A professional networking group centered around a program that embraced both businesswomen and businessmen, LeTip set the standard for all business networking groups that followed.

Today, we ‘re still raising the bar for a professional networking group, enhancing a program that focuses on relationship building by adding advanced technology to help build these powerful relationships.

However, LeTip is not a social network. We are a professional networking group run like a business. Our successful program requires members to be committed, promotes excellence, demands integrity, and rejects mediocrity. We’re motivated, successful, and honored by the incredibly talented and professional members who are the true spirit of LeTip.

The standard in business networking

LeTip International’s structure set the standard in the word-of-mouth referral industry and professional business retworking groups. Members are known for their professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to one another, and to the LeTip Program.

Weekly meetings strengthen our relationships.

Chapters meet weekly to exchange qualified leads, build solid business relationships, develop strong presentation skills, and become proficient networkers. This is the way a professional networking group needs to work.

Meet The Professionals
Grow Your Business
During each month, all members are asked to visit another member at their place of business for 20 minutes to 1/2 hour to learn about their business. At the third monthly meeting, you will give a commercial for that member when you receive the tip bucket. If for some reason, you didn’t visit that person, you personally hand that member $10 dollars at the meeting.